Ear tag distribution module

This modules deals with the distribution of the ear-tags, identification of errors and rejection of the ear tags.

Animal registration module

This module is responsible for animal registration. With entering the number of the ear-tag it automatically generates animal passport number, information like the type of animal, specie of animal, the veterinarian and other information. Moreover, it is possible to register either one animal attaching it to the owner or vice verse, or to a group registration at the same time by filling in the necessary column.

Animal movement and owner module

This module is responsible for the registration of the owner, changing the farm or the owner as well as for the movement of the animals. This module allows to trace the route of the animals, dates of movement and the destination, as well as the owner, the change of the owner, the history.

Farm registration module

Farms are being registered via this module, they are being automatically attached to other activity (import, export, production).

Vactination and research module

This module deals with the vaccination and the investigation activities. The type of activity and the dates are saved in the system.

Report module

Printing a standard report protocol, advanced search etc.

Connection module

This module is responsible for connection to other systems.

Sysadmin module

Module for configuration tools..

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