About Us AVROMIC is the one of the leading companies in the field of creating electronic and management systems for large and small companies, as well as designing and developing high-quality and high-speed websites.If you are wondering how this is all implemented, and you want to master these tools, then you can use this chance!
AVROMIC LLC organizes trainings in the field of web design and web programming. Through our training you will have excellent knowledge of programming front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax) and back-end (PHP, MySql, RegExp, PHP and Frameworks).
Participating in one of the trainings, you will become a popular specialist in the field of information technology.
At the same time, the trainees will have the opportunity to practice, and then they will have the opportunity to work in AVROMIC LLC.

Study Programs

Frontend Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

If you want to develop your creative thinking and realize them, then you are on the right way. If you are interested in developing web sites or in external design and application development, then you will be interested in interface programming. Avromic organizes fron-tend web design courses, which include programming languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax.
We will help you become a necessary and good specialist

The program






Duration: 3 to 4 months

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Backend Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

If you are interested in the content of web programming and the logic of actions, then you are interested in programming the Beck-End.Programming Beck-End is a project-administrative part of the project, web application, internal system content, server database, architecture and software logic. To become a backend developer, you need to master PHP, MySql, RegExp and PHP Framework. And their training is provided by AVROMIC.

The program




PHP Frameworks

Duration: 3 to 4 months

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