About Us We are a team of great web, UX/UI designers and developers: creative group of advanced "old foxes" and young "brave minds". And we work for your growth.

We create electronic management systems to make your company much more controllable by you and the activities transparent for you, to decrease your resource outlay and let you manage your company and your employees as you like.

We develop high performed fast websites to let your clients find you and to learn everything they are interested in to choose you.

We write clear code to let you easily enlarge your solution any time.

We help you to solve almost any kind of IT issue in high level, as we used to become your team member and understand the task you haven't even realized.

AVROMIC LLC was established in 2014 in Yerevan, Armenia. From the very beginning he focused on team (not just employees) and the personal and professional growth of it's each member. We have developed huge electronic management systems for Government, big and small companies, made websites and provided hosting services for hundreds of clients, and we have lots of rewards and feedbacks.

And we do much to meet your needs.

Why Choose Us

Grow With Us

We used to create a new culture of the management to provide palpable growth of your company.

Get a Team Member

We become your team member and give you not what you just imagine, but what you need in real.

Price - Speed - Quality

You set the priorities, we set the best ratio among the basic three factors matching your product.

Other Activities